Go Power


Go Power 190W RIGID Eclipse Solar Panel

The RIGID Eclipse 190E Expansion adds another 190 watts of power to your full 190W Eclipse Solar Kit.

As your need for power grows, so can your RV solar system by adding additional modules to your existing Rigid Eclipse Solar Kit. Each Go Power! expansion kit includes a solar module, mounting hardware and expansion connections to quickly connect to the existing solar module on your RV roof. All Go Power! Solar Expansion kits are compatible with one another - 100 watts or higher.

Kit Features

  • Rigid, black-framed 190 watt, 9.45 amp solar module
  • Panel dimensions: 59.1 x 26.3 x 1.57 in
  • 25-year power output panel warranty
  • Includes Solar Branch Connectors
  • Includes 25’ solar output cables and mounting hardware
Solar cell type Monocrystalline
Output power
190 W
Rated current
9.45 A
Rated DC voltage
20.4 V
Open-circuit voltage 24.09 V
Module efficiency 21%
Connectivity Solar Branch Connectors
Frame type Black anodized aluminum frame
Certifications CE
Dimensions 59.1 x 26.3 x 1.57 in / 1500 x 668 x 40 mm
26.4 lbs / 12 kg
25 years power output (module)