Top 4 Reasons to Install a 12 Volt Air Conditioner in Your Camper Van

  • 2 min read
Camper van conversions have become increasingly popular in recent years, as more and more people are choosing to hit the road and explore the great outdoors in the comfort of their own mobile home. One of the most important considerations for any camper van conversion is the various options of air conditioning systems.

Above all else, 12 volt rooftop air conditioners, such as the Dometic RTX 2000, have emerged as the most popular choice for many professional van converters, and for good reason.

For a deep dive, take a look at this overview and demonstration video on the Dometic RTX 1000 and Dometic RTX 2000:

The benefits are many, but perhaps the most obvious is that 12 volt air conditioners are powered by the van's electrical system, which means that they do not require any external power source, such as shore power or generator. This is a huge advantage for off grid camper vans, as it allows adventurers to stay cool and comfortable even when they are parked in remote locations without access to electrical hookups.

Another great benefit of 12 volt air conditioners is that they are highly efficient. Unlike traditional air conditioning systems, which can consume a ton of power, 12 volt air conditioners are designed to use minimal energy. This means that they will not drain the van's battery system as quickly as other types of air conditioners, and will allow the van to stay cool for longer periods of time.

Possibly the most important benefit is that 12 volt air conditioners are quite simple to install. Unlike traditional air conditioning systems, which can be rather complex and require hours of professional installation labor, 12 volt rooftop air conditioners can be installed by the van converter themselves. This not only saves money on installation costs, but also allows van converters to customize their air conditioning system to their specific needs and preferences.

Check out this installation video of the Dometic RTX on a Ford Transit:

Finally, 12 volt air conditioners are extremely durable and reliable. They are built to withstand the rigors of the road, and are designed to last for many years. This means that adventure vanlifers can enjoy the benefits of air conditioning without worrying about the system constantly breaking down or needing costly repairs.

To recap, 12 volt air conditioners are among the best choices for van conversions. They are powered by the van's electrical system, highly efficient, easy to install, and extremely durable and reliable. By choosing a 12 volt air conditioner, such as the Dometic RTX 2000, adventurers can stay cool and comfortable in any situation, without worrying about external power sources or costly repairs.