Rhino-Rack Pioneer Thru-Axle

Rhino-Rack Pioneer Thru Axle Bike Carrier

The Pioneer Thru Axle Bike Carrier allows you to attach a thru axle bike directly to a Pioneer system. Designed for strength and durability, it firmly secures your bike while reducing any sway or rocking when driving. The bike mount comes with 15mm x 100mm thru axle insert, with additional sizes available for purchase.


Featuring quick and easy installation using your existing bike skewer and a quick release strap to safely secure the rear tire. The mount secures to the Pioneer Platform channels allowing full placement flexibility. The front mount can be turned around to offset handlebars when carrying two bikes. If carrying three or more bikes, mounts can be installed back to front to allow for maximum space. 


  • Compatible with all Rhino-Rack Pioneer systems.
  • The housing is constructed using a satin black powder coated steel
  • The inserts are blue anodized aluminium to prevent rusting
  • Pre-assembled
  • 15mm x 100mm Multi-Axle Adapter included
  • Compatible with all other Rhino-Rack Thru Axle inserts 
  • All hardware and tools included
  • Quick and easy installation/removal
  • The fork carrier can be rotated to prevent handlebars clashing
  • Rear wheel carrier can be flipped to fit on smaller trays
  • Rear wheel strap fits all wheel dimensions
  • Front mount height: 95mm
  • Rear mount height (without strap): 98mm
  • Maximum on-road weight allowance: 17kg/37lbs
  • Maximum off-road weight allowance: 11kg/24lbs
  • Not suitable for electric bikes (e-bikes)


  • Bike Types: Disc Brakes, Kids bike, Mountain bike, Race bike, Wide Tires
  • Mount Style: Front Wheel off
  • Product Weight: 4.4 lb
  • Warranty: 3 Years