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Rain Flux Portable Water Pump & Sprayer

  • Battery powered portable water pressure up to 60 PSI
  • 7 Pattern nozzle to switch between camp showers and gear cleaning
  • 30 minute constant spray battery life – empty your 2 gallon tank 8 times without recharging, 8 gallon 2.8 times

What is included

  • 60PSI Pump with battery life gage
  • Two 12ft hoses : Hose for connecting tank to pump, hose for connecting pump to nozzle.
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 7 Pattern nozzle – great for camp showers and more.
Most other overland water tanks on the market run by using an external source to pressurize the air inside the tank. One of the main downfalls of this concept is as you start to spray water out of your tank, you are also spraying out your air pressure supply. Your tank may start out spraying at 45 PSI, but once you have sprayed out half your water supply, you will also have about half the pressure. You then will have a useless pressure supply of only about 20 PSI and will have to manually re-pressurize your tank. Using an external pump in the sprayer, we avoid this pressure loss flaw. Instead, the Rain Flux sprayer supplies a consistent pressurized stream with a portable battery that will run for 30 minutes total spray time -enough time to empty your tank multiple times without recharging.

*** The Rain Flux will only work on Rain Basin tanks as they have intake valves to allow for inward air flow***

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