Proheat Overlander Kit


Compact design simplifies installation and leaves more room for your living space.

  • Stay warm
    • Integrated air hander with high output fan
    • Thermostatically controlled
  • Hot water on demand
    • endless hot water
  • Supports in floor heating
  • Supports engine preheat


 Dimensions 17.0 x 8.9 x 23.8 Inches
Dry weight/mass 39.4 lbs
Wet weight/mass 77.0 lbs
Air heating power peak 19,000 BTU/hr
DC power (fan high) 54 W
Water heating power 26,000 BTU/hr
DHW flow rate 1.1 gpm (4.2L/min) for indefinite hot water while heater is enabled
Warranty Two years parts and labor