EcoFlow LFP Battery Terminal Busbar

For large DC loads into your EcoFlow Power Kit, these EcoFlow LFP Battery Terminal Busbars are the solution.

These 300A DC busbars (sold as a pair, 1 positive and 1 negative) are recommended when wiring in larger loads like 12V and 24V air conditioners.



Max. current rating 300A
Max. voltage rating 60 VDC
Terminal diameter 0.31"
Terminal height 0.59"
Terminal material Stainless steel
Hex nut material Stainless steel
Recommended torque 150.5-203.6lbf·inch / 17-23N·m
Busbar strip material Tin-plated copper
Base material PC+ABS, black, YS 1293B,UL 94 V-0
Cover material PC+ABS, YS 1286B, UL 94 V-2
Weight 0.59 lb
Dimensions (h*w*d) (with cover) 6.57 x 2.05 x 1.36 inch