Front Runner


Front Runner Universal Short Ladder

This off-road tough ladder is the easiest way to load and access the gear on your Front Runner Roof Rack. This five-step, black powder-coated ladder is universal and bolts directly onto the body or rear barn doors of vans and SUVs.

  • This ladder bolts the body or to the rear barn doors of vans or utility vehicles.
  • Surface required to secure the ladder to the vehicle is 762mm – 1480mm / 30" - 58.3".
  • The ladder has 5 steps.
  • Length from the bottom step to the top step is 1160mm / 45.7"
  • Made with off-road tough black powder-coated high-strength steel and aluminum for maximum durability and strength.
  • Fitment guide and installation hardware included.

Consists of:
1 x Universal Vehicle Ladder / Short
Installation Hardware
Fitting Instructions

Materials used:
Black powder coated steel and aluminium

Product Dimensions:
Minimum Extension:
175mm (6.9") L x 344mm (13.5") W x 1183mm (46.6") H

Maximum Extension:
175mm (6.9") L x 344mm (13.5") W x 1483mm (58.4") H

Mounting hole positions from 930mm (36.6") to 1230mm (48.4")

7.25kg (16lbs)