EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2

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An intelligent subpanel for outage protection and savings in one.

The EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2 is the center of your whole-home backup solution, working alongside EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra, generators, and solar panels to protect your home. With a fast, automatic switchover, you'll have reliable backup whenever you need it. Its Smart Energy Management system extends backup duration and forecasts outages through hourly weather checks. Smart Home Panel 2 customizes your energy usage based on time-of-use rates and your home's solar energy production.

The Whole-Home Backup System Hub

EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2 is the hub of the powerful EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra that allows you to get the full potential out of your energy system. Connect your home circuits with up to 3 plug-and-play inverters and 15 stackable 6kWh batteries, itnot only takes care of your backup for even longer but allows you to control and run every single household appliance.EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2 is not only future-proofed to work with our next-gen power solutions, but it works with EcoFlow DELTA Pro, too.

Compatible with Solar and Gas Generators

EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2 can manage your energy from various sources, including solar and gas. With the sun's rays, brighten your home with cost-effective green energy and dramatically reduce your electricity expenses.When the weather turns gray and you're all out of sunshine, a seamless connection to any 3-12kW portable gas generator ensures your home stays energized without a hitch.

20-ms Auto-Switchover

When an outage hits, there's no need to brave the dark, cold night to switch to your backup manually. EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2's automatic switchover feature ensures your home remains powered even when you're away. Forget spoiled food and damaged appliances. Embrace uninterrupted power so that life never stops.

EcoFlow App

EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2 ensures your home is blackout-proof with ample energy at all times. Even when an outage lingers on, it's business as usual.

EcoFlow App, PowerInsight & Web Dashboard

View real-time energy insights for your home anywhere you go. On your phone, wall-mounted dash, or even online. Get a complete home energy consumption overview as well as solar and gas input, battery capacity, and much more. With EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2 comes PowerInsight, a wall-mounted screen, and a web dashboard, accessible anywhere online.

Modular design

To work with your home layout, decor, and to save space, we've split EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2 into two modules—a battery connection box and a distribution panel. Install each separately or together with less wiring and more flexibility to place your batteries.

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