EcoFlow DELTA Pro 3 Smart Extra Battery

An Intelligent Subpanel For Outage
Protection And Savings In One

The EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2 is the center of your whole-home backup solution,
working alongside EcoFlow DELTA Pro 3, generators, and solar panels to protect your
thome. With a fast, automatic switchover, you'll have reliablebackup whenever needed. It
allows you to customize your energy usage based on time-off-use rates and your home's
solar energy production.

Plug and Play

The smart extra batteries are easy to connect with the main unit of EcoFlow DELTA Pro 3. Enjoy a seamless, plug-and-play setup. The compact and portable design adds convenience to your power management.

Explore the Secure Feeling EcoFlow Brings to You

Built with state-of-the-art automotive-grade LFP cells for safe and reliable service. Our strong 5-year warranty ensures peace of mind.

Energize Every Moment That Needs Electricity

Power almost all your essential home appliances with the robust 4000W and dual 120V/240V capabilities of a single unit. Add extra batteries to extend the convenience even further.

Energize Every Moment That Needs Electricity

Cutting-Edge Design, Sleek and Striking

Boosts portability with wider wheels, ergonomic handle, and a compact design. Perfect for dynamic lifestyles and maximizing family space.

Effortless All-in-One Command With the EcoFlow App

Control and monitor your home's power remotely with ease using the EcoFlow app. Track every watt and customize your power usage for optimal efficiency.

What's in the box




Input Port

40V-58.4V=80A Max

Output Port

40V-58.4V=100A Max





What’s in the box

1. EcoFlow Delta Pro 3 Smart Extra Battery

2. Quick Start Guide

3. Safety Guide

4. Warranty Card

5. EcoFlow Extra Battery Cable

Compatible with

EcoFlow DELTA Pro 3


LED Array

Discharge Temperature


Charge Temperature


Storage Temperature