EcoFlow 15kWh Independence Power Kit + 200W Solar


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EcoFlow Power Kits are the world's first compact modular power solutions for tiny homes and RVs. With a plug-and-play design, customizing your energy is quicker and easier than ever.

    Kit Includes:

    1. EcoFlow 15kWh Independence Kit

    • 1x Power Hub
    • 3x 5 kWh LFP Battery
    • 1x Cable Pack
    • 1x AC / DC Smart Distribution Panel
    • 3x Battery Mounting Strap
    • 1x Power Kit Console

    2. Solar Panels

    (Qty 2) EcoFlow 100W Rigid Solar Panels 

      Stack and store energy.

        Both 2kWh and 5kWh stack up to 3 batteries for a capacity of up to 15kWh. Integrated BMS protects the batteries from operating beyond their capacity by monitoring temperature, voltage, and current, keeping your home and system safe. With built-in auto-heating, you can use the batteries safely in temperatures as low as -4°F.

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        Customizable Kits for Any Van Size

        Whether you’re replacing your van's electrics or building a system from scratch, Power Kits plug-and-play system allows you to easily modify your hardware to fit your van and power needs.

        4 Charging Methods

        Simple Assembly

        EcoFlow made this modular system plug-and-play so you can quickly customize your van power whenever you want. Simply stack a battery to increase capacity, or plug in a solar panel for faster charging.

        Compact & Integrated Design

        Unlike other RV power solutions, Power Kits combine five components into one Power Hub that deals with all your power needs, saving you space, money, and set-up hassle. Our 2 and 5kWh batteries securely stack in threes, giving you an expandable capacity of up to 15kWh.

        48V, a safer, smaller power solution.

        Power Kits offer you a safe, 48V power solution for your van. A 48V system produces the same amount of power, but unlike 12Vs, only a quarter of the electric current passes through the wires, producing significantly less heat/power loss.

        Smart Controls

        Keep an eye on your energy at home and on the go with a whole host of setting options and real-time data tracking accessible from the app and Power Kit Console.

        Mix and match size, type and solar input.

        Plug in a combination of rigid, flexible, and portable solar panels for an input of 4800W. As well as our existing range of portable panels, we’re adding a 100W flexible and rigid solar panel as well as a 400W rigid option to our Power Kits range.

        AC/DC Smart Distribution Panel

        Take control.
        With 12 fused DC positions, and 6 AC positions you can manage the power distribution around your RV or tiny home. Control up to 6 DC positions from the EcoFlow app or Console.

        Mount, modify, and monitor energy.

        Conveniently mount the Power Kit Console to control your entire power system from the comfort of your RV or small home. Keep an eye on your energy usage, adjust settings and see your energy input all from the handy screen.
        Component Descriptions:
        • EcoFlow Power Hub - a 3600W pure sine inverter-charger that has a maximum AC output of an amazing 7200W, dual MPPT solar charge controllers, a DC/DC converter, DC/DC battery charger, and plug-in input/output ports for solar, alternator, battery and generator charging.

        • EcoFlow Power Kit Console - a 7" full-color LCD touchscreen for control and monitoring of all electrical system inputs and outputs. 

        • EcoFlow AC/DC Distribution Panel - The 3-component panel is built for 6 AC circuits and 12 DC circuits. It includes a transparent exterior faceplate, removable interior face panel, and a deep connection box with knockouts and WAGO-style circuit connectors.

        • EcoFlow Battery - The 48-volt lithium EcoFlow batteries are available in 2 kWh or 5 kWh. These batteries are long-life lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4), with an operating temperature from -4°F to 122°F due to the built in auto-heating feature. A 5 kWh EcoFlow Power Kit has one 5 kWh battery. Note that you can connect up to three 2 kWh or 5 kWh batteries in your power system, but you cannot mix and match the two sizes.

        The Independence Power Kit is a completely plug-and-play off-grid power solution. It comes with all the cables you'll need to connect these components and your charging sources. Most of the cables are 15 feet long, solar and alternator charging cables are 20 feet long, and battery cables are 5-8 feet long.

        Why EcoFlow Power Kits?

        Many van converters design custom electrical systems. Often times, these systems are quite complex and expensive, requiring countless hours of research and design. After installation, troubleshooting a custom system like this can be difficult. 

        EcoFlow Power Kits offer:

        Plug-and-Play - EcoFlow Power Kits offer a simplified system that comes with all the necessary cabling between the components and charging sources, and doesn't require design experience or specialized tools. Most van converters estimate that an EcoFlow Power Kit reduces their power system installation times from 10-20 hours down to 2-3 hours. Need more capacity? Simply plug in another battery, or plug in more solar panels for faster battery charging.

        Four Charging Methods, Up to 6000W - An EcoFlow Power Kit enables you to use any combination of the charging methods, including solar, alternators, shore power and generators.

        • Solar - EcoFlow Power Kits allow as much solar power as you can fit on your roof. Three ports allow for up to 1600W of solar charging on each port, up to 4800W total. EcoFlow offers 100W and 400W rigid solar panels that can be mounted on the roof of your van, and you can even supplement these with additional portable panels.

        • Alternator - Three ports can be used for alternator charging, 1600W each, up to 4800W total. Charge the system with single or dual alternators from 12-60V.

        • Generator - Connect an EcoFlow Dual-Fuel Smart Generator (or any other brand of generator) for up to 1800W of charging.

        • Shore Power - Connect a 30A shore power source for charging from RV park/campground power.

        Compact & Integrated Design - Unlike other power systems, EcoFlow Power Kits combine five components into one Power Hub, supporting all of your power needs, saving you space, money, and set-up time. EcoFlow 2kWh and 5kWh batteries securely stack, giving you an expandable capacity of up to 15kWh. A large battery bank like this (the equivalent of a 1200 Ah 12V bank) would require very large cables and substantial space for all those batteries with most electrical systems. With EcoFlow components, it's just 3 battery cables and 3 batteries that plug into the Power Hub in seconds. Cable management is already done for you.

        Space-Saving Solutions - To save valuable space, EcoFlow reduced down the traditional power kit size, integrating components together, safely utilizing thinner wires, providing a smaller power solution and a stackable battery design with integrated cabling. Want to hide your electrical components? You can conveniently conceal the Power Hub, batteries and other accessories so that the entire system is out of sight, under your seats or in a closet.

        Smart Controls - Monitor your power with a plethora of setting options and real-time data tracking accessible from the EcoFlow app and/or the Power Kit Console.

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        • Supports up to 6000W of charging through a combination of 4 methods: up to 4800W solar, 4800W alternator, 3000W shore power, and 1800W Smart Generator input.

        • Plug-and-play for simple installation

        • Compact, all-in-one Power Hub combines 5 components

        • Save space with stackable batteries

        • 48V system, a safer, compact power solution

        • Real-time and remote smart controls

        • Made in USA

        • 5-year system warranty


        Power Hub:

        • 48V system automatically steps down for 12V/24V systems
        • Power Hub measures 11.8 x 18.9 x 5.5in (30 x 48 x 14cm); 31lbs (14kg)
        • Supports between 2kWh and 15kWh of EcoFlow LFP battery capacity
        • DC main output: 13.6V/70A, 1000W max; 26.4V/60A, 1600W max (if bundling with the Dometic RTX 2000, note that the RTX 2000 unit can draw ±700W, so plan other loads accordingly)
        • AC main output: Pure Sine Wave 3600W (Surge 7200W); it’ll also power some appliances up 5000W with reduced performance
        • Two solar inputs, each with support for up to 15-60V/30A, 1600W of power
        • One combined alternator / solar input, supporting either 13V-60V/60A, 1000W max from the vehicle’s alternator or 1600W of solar
        • One AC input, supporting up to 3000W/30A from shore power (but most RV parks won’t let you charge at 30A)
        • One AC output, supporting up to 2400W
        • Two battery ports for EcoFlow’s LFP batteries
        • One combo port that works with both EcoFlow LFP batteries and the dual-fuel Smart Generator (for 1800W of emergency input)
        • Comes with five plug-and-play cables that reach lengths of 15ft and 20ft and plug directly into the Power Hub
        • Power button, AC out on / off, DC out on / off, and five status lights showing AC out, DC out, PV (solar) in, alternator in, and AC in

        LFP batteries:

        • 2kWh battery is rated for 3,000 cycles before hitting 80 percent capacity
        • 2kWh battery measures 11.2 x 13.7 x 7.8in (28.4 x 34.8 x 19.8cm) / 37lbs (16.8kg)
        • 5kWh battery is rated for about 3,500 cycles before hitting 80 percent capacity
        • 5kWh battery measures 11.8 x 19.7 x 10.2in (30 x 50 x 26cm ) / 90lbs (41kg)
        • Both batteries are IP54 water and dust resistant
        • Both batteries are auto-heated for continuous charging even in subzero temperatures
        • Batteries can only be connected to the Power Hub in parallel

        AC/DC Smart Distribution Panel:

        • 8.3 x 13.9 x 3.9in (21 x 35.3 x 9.9cm) / 5.7lbs (2.6kg)
        • DC output: 12 fused DC positions (six positions controllable via Power Kit console and app)
        • AC output: six AC positions, 20A max each
        • IP21 dust and water resistance


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