Dometic Drop-In Cooktop - 9108917573

Dometic D21-BPW Drop-In Cooktop

The Dometic Drop-In Cooktop makes a great addition to any mobile living space, truck camper, or outdoor kitchen. With two burners, multiple ignition types and an optional cast iron or flat wire grate. Enjoy the comfort of hot meals, wherever you are!


  • Glass cover provides an attractive enclosing option, while cooktop is not in use
  • Aesthetic appeal provides a great look to your interior RV kitchen.
  • Keeps the inner cooktop enclosed while showing friends your beautiful kitchen
  • Part of Dometic’s signature suite of kitchen appliances


    Dimensions: external 18.38” W x 4.06” H x 14.63” D

    Dimensions: cutout 17.88” W x 4.13” H x 13.75” D


      • Output cooker plate 1
        • 7200 kW
      • Output cooker plate 2
        • 5200 kW
      • Number of burners
        • 2
      • Gas pressure (Imperial)
        • 11" Water Column
      • Gas category
        • Propane (US/Canada)