Dometic CI21 Induction Cooktop - 9600025707

Dometic CI21 Induction Cooktop

The Dometic CI21 Induction Cooktop uses directly transferred energy within the pan metal to heat quicker than any other gas cooktop. This safe and efficient cooktop does not use an open flame or other radiant heat source that can ignite fumes or flammable materials, and contains a child lock. The flat, easy-to-clean surface can be simply wiped down after use.

Because the heat is generated in the pan itself, close to no ambient heat is produced, which means you will be comfortable while cooking and during meals. It has an elegant look with an super slim surface that stands less than 3/16" above the countertop.

• All-electric operation
• Ultra-slim surface stands less than 3/16" above the countertop
• One solid piece of glass with an elegant look
• Durable, easy-to-clean surface
• Energy-efficient burners deliver 1,440 watts max. power
• 10 power level settings
• 150°F - 450°F temperature range
• 150 minute timer
• Individual element ON indicator light
• Child lock
• Compatible with induction-ready cookware

Input Voltage: 120V AC
Dimensions: 24.4"W x 15"D x 2.75"H 

  • Cutout: 23.3"W x 6" H x 14.2" D

Weight: 13.22 lbs.

Warranty: Limited two-year