DMOS Alpha 4 Shovel

Snow shovels can either be pushers or scoops but are rarely both. We designed The Alpha 4 Shovel to incorporate the best of both worlds and toughened it up. This Alpha 4 is the fourth generation of the 2016 Alpha Shovel that started it all.  Along the way, we've strengthened the blade, removed the teeth for clean driveway lines and beefened up the construction so that this blade can handle 12,000 pounds of force on the back of the blade before it deforms. (We doubt you are that heavy!) 

The Alpha 4's sharpenable blade blazes right through the harshest conditions when clearing snow and ice from driveways and pathways. It’s extra long handle (now offered in two hot colors - red and blue) extends from 39 to 65” in height fitting all bodies ergonomically whether you are 5'1' or 6'10. And when winter’s over or whenever you want to store it, the Alpha collapses down to just 23 x 12 x 4", perfect for throwing on a shelf or into a winter gear box.

The Alpha Shovel has been on TV endorsed by Mr. Fixit, radio personality, Lou Manfredini:  


You know who else uses the Alpha Shovel?  The Jackson Hole Park and Pipe crew use it for pro builds such as Kings and Queens of Corbets and also the Natural Selection Tour.  Note the current blade we make is even stronger than the ones that they've been using for years.  This Shovel, like all DMOS shovels, will last a lifetime and this Alpha 4 is our best Alpha yet. 

Pair it with the Beechwood Driveway Shaft (sold separately) if you prefer a fixed wood handle that doesn't get cold in your hands or keep the telescopic red or blue one for taking your Alpha wherever you go.  

Tech Specs

Materials: Blade 0.100" thick 6061 aluminum with two oversized 6000 series smash rivets.

Handle: telescoping indexed locking 3 part adjustable handle.

Connector and grip are both made from Nylon Zytel.

Weight 4 pounds 7 ounces.

Height adjustable 65, 51 and 39".


Serviceable front of blade - thick enough to sharpen or file with a bastard file to keep it knick free.

Slight rocker - allows the shovel to be floated above a rough surface like bricks, pea gravel or even trap rock.

Polished aluminum blade can be set out to reach outdoor temperature before use to prevent snow sticking. Also, you can spray the blade with silicone or even Pam.