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Centi Van Storage Box by Avatar

The Centi Box by Avatar Offroad – Your Ultimate Van Storage Solution!

Fully U.S.A Made

The Centi Storage Box from Avatar Offroad is a meticulously crafted and designed to optimize space and durability in your van. Hand-TIG welded with precision from aluminum! The Centi box is built to withstand the toughest adventures while keeping your gear safe and organized. Combine with our Avatar Massif Mounting solution, and the Centi storage box can accommodate vertical bike racks on either side! Making the Centi your ideal bike companion.

Small but Mighty!

The Centi Storage box is the perfect van life companion, but we especially love it as a bike gear storage box! Due to its compact size it is able to fit between two vertical bike racks, and still accommodate all of your family’s bike gear! Or take out our standard shelves and store golf bags, guns, kiting gear, or more!


Interior: 15 3/4″ x 51 3/4″ x 11 1/2″

Exterior: 16″ x 52″ x 13 3/4″

Opening: 11 1/2″ x 48 1/4″

Weight: 54 lbs.

Capacity: 100 lbs.

Key Storage Box Features:

  • One-Person Mounting Ability: Mount single-handedly onto our expertly designed Avatar Offroad Massif and Sir-Packs-A-Lot!
  • High-Quality Construction: As a family-run business, we are the whole process! From design to cutting to welding to bringing it to your door, our boxes are true U.S.A made!
  • Lightweight and Strong: Despite its rugged construction, the Centi Box remains impressively lightweight at 54 lbs. Thus ensuring it won’t add unnecessary bulk to your van. The aluminum provides exceptional strength, and protects your valuable equipment from the elements and potential impact during your journeys. Capacity of 100 lbs. of Cargo.
  • Versatile Storage Capacity: Gear specific design dimensions for your shoes, helmets, tools, camelbacks, coats, and anything else you might need were all given consideration in the design of this box. Keep your gear safe, dry, and back with the bikes.
  • Secure and Easy to Access: The Centi Box comes with a secure locking mechanism, giving you peace of mind while leaving your van unattended. Additionally, the smart design ensures effortless access to your gear whenever you need it, making your adventures more convenient than ever.
  • Weather-Resistant: Avatar Offroad understands the importance of weather protection. The Centi Box robust build and thoughtful design keep your belongings safe, dry, and dust-free, no matter the elements you encounter along the way. We design in a dual weather guard, keeping out rain, spray, and dust.

What’s Included:

  • American Craftsmanship: By choosing The Centi Box, you support American manufacturing!. We take great pride in producing our storage boxes in the USA, ensuring top-tier quality and supporting our local communities.
  • 3 adjustable Shelves included!: Purpose Built for your gear, we know how beneficial it is to have shelving.
  • Textured Black Powder Coat Finish: The Centi Box comes finished in a sleek black powder coat! Not only does this add a touch of sophistication to your van’s exterior, but also provides an extra layer of protection against scratches and the elements!

Mount on your van

  • A Rear Door Mounting Product is required: To elevate your van storage experience, Avatar Offroad has predrilled the Centi box to mount to the Massif. Designed exclusively for the Massif, allowing two bikes to be mounted vertically, one on either side of the Centi Box.
  • For bike enthusiasts: Optional Kuat Piston SR bike racks sold separately.

Why you Need the Centi Storage Box!

The Centi Box is the perfect Rear Storage companion for van lifers, overlanders, adventurers, and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re choosing to use it as your van’s bike gear storage box, loading up your golf clubs, or headed out hunting, this is sure to elevate your van life experience! Upgrade your van’s storage capabilities with Avatar Offroad’s Centi Box, and embark on your next journey fully equipped and organized. Check out our larger Mega Box and Giga Box storage boxes!

*Requires Massif Carrier.

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