BLUETTI AC500 + 1*B300S | Solar Generator Kit

MAX OUT AT 10,000W | 36.9kWh

You can call it home backup power station. Prepare for power outages, run your off-grid home, or just save your electricity bills. The decision is yours.

Also, you can call it portable power station no built- in battery, move it here and there. Always keep your playtime powered.

Run on a 5000W Inverter.

This inverter delivers quality pure sine wave output and takes up to 10,000W surge, ensuring anything you plug in will be running to its full functionality and capacity.

100% Modular, too.

Whether you’re seeking for backup or off-grid power, AC500 will cover all your needs by adding extra B300S or B300 expansion batteries.

0 to 80% in 30 Min

AC500+B300S can charge to 80% SOC in just an hour. So a lunch break or stopover can easily bring your AC500 to a full complement of power.

18,432Wh Lasts Longer.

Each AC500 supports up to 6 expansion batteries for a total of 18,432Wh, enough to get through the night during a severe outage.

Maximum Reassurance, Added Peace of Mind.

  • 3- year warranty
  • 10+ years service time
  • 100% protection

Take Care of Your Heavy-duty Equipment.

Connect two AC500 units, you can carry 240V appliances with ease. Plus, with 12*B300S batteries, you’ll get an impressive capacity of 36,864Wh to reduce grid independence and pay less for electricity.

24/ 7 UPS Also Available.

Even momentary power outage may result in data loss or hardware damage. AC500 will safely restore your power whenever the electricity knocks out.

Control at Your Fingertips.

Access your AC500 from BLUETTI app--real-time input and output, tailored power consumption, firmware upgrades and much more.