Thule Helium Platform XT 1-Bike Carrier - 903901

The Thule 903901 Helium Platform XT 1 Bike is a premium, aluminum, platform-style bike rack that is fully lockable, easy to use, and holds bikes without frame contact. The Helium Platform XT is designed to be one of the lightest weight platform style bike racks on the market. This makes it easy for anyone to install the bike rack onto your hitch, load up your bikes and hit the trails.

Tool free installation

Once your Helium Platform XT bike rack is set up its quick to install and remove the rack. This is done by simply sliding the bike rack it into your hitch receiver which and then turning the dial on the locking auto-attach system until it's tight. The Helium Platform will fit into both a 2" hitch and 1.25" hitch.

Zero frame contact

If you have expensive bikes, especially carbon frames, you don't want to be clamping onto the frame or hanging your bikes by the top tube. The Helium Platform XT attaches onto your bike by setting your tires into the wheel holders and then ratcheting the wheel loops onto your tires. This provides a secure hold onto each tire without needing to attach anything onto the frame of your bikes.

Fully locking

Locking your bikes onto the Helium Platform is easy with the integrated cable locks that pull out from the arms, you can then loop these through the frame of your bikes to secure the bike onto the rack. To lock the rack onto your vehicle you simply tighten the auto-attach mechanism and then lock the handle. This prevents someone from being able to loosen the rack off your hitch. In the locked position the dial will just free spin, meaning someone can sit there and spin it all day and they aren't going to be able to remove your bike rack.


  • Securely holds bikes in place without frame contact, bikes are secured to the rack using the ratcheting wheel loops
  • Arms can be folded down when not in use and the rack can be folded up to the back of your vehicle
  • Convenient access to the rear of the vehicle using the HitchSwitch lever to tilt the rack down, even with bikes on it
  • Aluminum construction makes install and removal of the bike rack easier
  • Lock bikes to the rack using the integrated cable lock (lock included)
  • Quick to install and easy to lock the rack to the vehicle due to the tool free, SnugTite stinger (lock included)


  • Carries 1 bike
  • Fits 1.25" and 2" hitches
  • Maximum load of 45 lbs per bike
  • Fits bikes with 26" to 29" wheels and up to 3" wide tires
  • Carries bikes with up to a 50" frame