EcoFlow Glacier + Battery + Wheels/Handle - Fridge/Freezer/Ice Maker

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The fastest cooling in the industry.

 Cooling at the optimum speed when empty, GLACIER rapidly refrigerates from 86°F (30°C) to 32°F (0°C) in around 15 minutes.

• Industry's first integrated ice maker
• Dual zone, dual control
• The fastest cooling in the industry
• Wire-free cooling for up to 40 hours
• 38L large capacity
• Detachable suitcase design
• Smart app control

Wherever your adventures take you.

Industry-first integrated ice maker.

120W Compressor

Equipped with a powerful 120W compressor, Glacier brings you 18 solid ice cubes in just 12 minutes!

A fridge-freezer at its best.

Dual zone, dual control.

Equipped with a removable divider separating two zones with independent temperature control, both sections can refrigerate and/or freeze from 50°F (10°C) to -13°F (-25°C). Steak, cheese, or soft drinks...whatever you want to stock up on, it shape-shifts to meet your needs.

Cooling for up to 40 hours wire-free.

298Wh Plug-in Battery

Designed for absolute portability, Glacier can be powered by the removable battery, remaining free from messy, limiting cables. With a generous battery capacity of 298Wh, you can savor up to 40 hours of easy access to frozen meals, fresh fruit, and ice-cold beverages.

Charge laptops and more on the go.

100W Max USB-C

With 100W max USB-C charging, Glacier even powers up your phones and laptops so you'll never lose touch with your loved ones.


Maximize the use of space.

38L Capacity = 60 × 330ml Cans

Go for a whole fridge with veggies and fruit when out for a picnic. If you're off-roading in the desert, the 38L of steaks fuels you up for any thrill.

Chilling on the move.

Detachable Lever and Wheels

One lever and one set of wheels, all detachable. Wheel the fridge-freezer to wherever your adventures take you. Detach them and fit the Glacier right on your RV's countertop, in the passenger seat, or in other compact spaces.

Nothing's cooler than going green.

We're all about guarding both the green planet and your user experience.

Charge up anywhere.

Multiple Charging Methods

  • Solar Charging: 
    • Fully charged by solar energy (up to 240W) in as fast as 2.1 hr
  • AC Charging
    • Fully charged by AC in 2.2 hr 
  • DC Charging
    • Fully charged by
      DC (12V) in 4 hr
      DC (24V) in 2.1 hr


The VIP technology.

GLACIER sports vacuum insulation panels (VIPs). With a low thermal conductivity, these panels help optimize energy efficiency, reducing energy consumption, carbon footprint, and the environmental impact of refrigerant production and disposal.


Eco mode.

Under Eco mode—the energy-saving mode—GLACIER uses only 0.18kWh per day.



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