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Trailer Valet XL Pro Kit

Loyal Trailer Valet customers asked, and they've answered: Introducing the Trailer Valet XL-Pro, the motorized and most powerful trailer mover yet!

The XL-Pro takes the original XL a step further with its added handlebars and built-in 60V brushless drill, eliminating the need to bend over altogether! With exceptional power, control, durability, and duration, the XL-Pro is perfect for traveling further distances easily and comfortably with just the pull of a trigger.

This unit includes some operative upgrades to the XL’s inner workings that allow for aggressive handling along with the greatest weight capacity yet. The quick-connect ball mount attaches and detaches easily, which is ideal for businesses and consumers who move multiple trailers daily. And, as you may already know, the automatic braking system provides assurance that your trailer will never run away on you. With all these new features and added power, moving 12,000 lbs has never been easier.



Operating Manual