REDARC Tow-Pro Liberty Electric Brake Controller - EBRH-ACCNA

The REDARC Tow-Pro Liberty is the latest innovation in brake controller technology, perfect for highway driving.

  • No more knee knocking.
  • Factory look.
  • Proportional braking.
  • Easy install.
  • Plug and play vehicle specific accessories available.
  • Perfect for everyday hauling.


Looking for the best brake controller for highway driving? The REDARC Tow-Pro Liberty is the latest innovation in brake controller technology that features inertia sensing technology perfect for hauling day to day or towing on highway conditions, with vehicle specific wiring harnesses available for an easy self installation. 

Rugged reliability meets everyday ease-of-use

This proportional brake controller measures the vehicle braking force and applies the trailer brakes to match, ensuring a smooth braking application and no push or pull on the vehicle when braking.

Suitable for 12-volt systems, the Tow-Pro Liberty from REDARC self calibrates for easy setup and install, and is compatible with both electric and electric-over-hydraulic brakes.

Featuring a 3-axis accelerometer means the main unit can be installed in any position or orientation discreetly, meaning no clumsy knee-knocking of your brake controller in your vehicle dash.

Perfect factory look with no more knee knocking

The Tow-Pro Liberty comes with a manual override function via the discreet dash mounted remote head unit, allowing you to quickly and safely avoid trailer sway at the tap of a button.

Designed, manufactured and tested in Australia, the Tow-Pro Liberty is the perfect proportional brake controller for your truck or tow vehicle.

Take full control when hauling

Add a brake controller with a factory look and feel to your vehicle dash that not only gives you the smooth automatic braking experience when towing on the highway, but also ensures the safest and most innovative technology for you and your family on the road. 

Easy to install brake controller 

REDARC recommends that the Tow-Pro Liberty be installed with the universal pig tail wiring harness, or utilizing one of our range of vehicle specific brake controller wiring harnesses and switch inserts to allow a quick and easy installation specific to major vehicle makes and models.

Tow-Pro Liberty install into Toyota 4Runner

Installing the Tow-Pro Liberty into a Toyota 4Runner? Read this tech tip to find out how.


Input Voltage ON: +12V nominal OFF: 0V
Output Voltage 9V - 16V
Maximum Charging Voltage 12V
Country of Manufacture Australia
Warranty 2 years
Weight (lb) 7.05 ounces
Standby Current Draw <5mA



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