Front Runner


Front Runner Side Mount Accessory - Large

Maximize the space on your Front Runner roof rack with this side mount accessory bracket. This adjustable bracket creates easy access to Front Runner's side mount accessories, and opens up more space on top of your rack to mount even more gear and accessories.

  • This pair of brackets secures to the slats of your rack to accommodate most Front Runner side mount accessories.
  • The brackets are adjustable and can be set at any position along the T-slot of the rack slats.
  • Made from the same back powder-coated aluminum as Front Runner racks.
  • Includes installation hardware and fitting instructions.
  • No drilling is required to attach side accessories.

Consists of:
2 x Roof Rack Accessory Mounting Brackets
Installation Hardware
Fitting instructions

Materials used:
Black powder coated aluminium

Product Dimensions:
210mm (8.3") L x 50mm (2") W x 104mm (4.1") H

750g (26.5oz)