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DEWALT LED Motion Sensor Magnetic Light Strips - 3-Piece - DXSTA500LM


The DEWALT motion sensor light kit is constructed of a lightweight material and features a magnetic mount system making it a perfect hands free light source for your DEWALT rack or workstation.

Light up your DEWALT storage racks with the DEWALT DXST-A500LM Motion Activated Storage Rack Light Kit. Designed for use with the DXST10000, DXST4500, and DXST4500-W storage racks these lights can be easily used on those or any steel-frame storage rack.

The light's body is made from durable and lightweight aluminum with a fire-retardant ABS plastic outer casing and a polycarbonate lens covering the LEDs so it can easily withstand the occasional bump or impact without breaking. Each light strip has a pair of powerful neodymium magnets that allow you to quickly and easily mount the light in place on your storage rack or even allow use as semi-portable automotive light, attaching to the underside of a hood to brighten an engine compartment. The low profile design means it illuminates without taking up valuable storage space or getting in your way while you work.

The kit also includes 8 hook-and-loop strips to help manage cords by taking up the slack in the 8-foot power cord and 3-foot jumper cords. The included magnetic mounting motion sensor allows you to set the light to come on when you approach and it features a 5 minute automatic shut off timer that kicks in if it stops sensing additional movement. Each light strip contains 15 individual diodes to provide 500 lumens of illumination and you can expand your light setup with up to 3 additional lighting strips to create a custom lighting system for your individual illumination needs.


  • DURABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT - Made of durable and lightweight aluminum with a fire-retardant ABS plastic casing and a polycarbonate lens over the LEDs
  • MOTION SENSOR - Included motion sensor with on/off/sensor modes and a 5-minute automatic shut off delay if no motion is detected
  • BRIGHT LED LIGHTS - The 45 LEDs (15 on each strip) provide 500 lumens of bright LED illumination without the heat generated by traditional bulbs
  • LOW PROFILE - Low profile design uses a minimum footprint to provide light to your racks without using up your storage space
  • POWERFUL MAGNETS - Each light has a pair of powerful neodymium magnets for easy and secure attachment to steel storage racks
  • CORD MANAGEMENT - Kit includes 8 hook-and-loop strips to help manage power and jumper cords and keep your storage rack tidy
  • EXPANDABLE - Link together up to 6 LED strips per sensor to cast light on the largest storage racks (additional LED strips sold separately)
  • WARRANTY - 1 Year Limited


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