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Blue Ox BXW2000 SwayPro Weight Distributing Hitch – 9 Hole Shank

The BXW2000 includes the standard coupler hitch head, 2.5″ shank with a 9 Hole/9″ receiver stinger with 0″ to 5″ adjustment, clamp-on brackets, and spring bars rated for 2000 lbs. tongue weight.

Also available in these tongue weights:

If your trailer has a coupler that is welded to the top of the frame, and your trailer does not have cross-members on the tongue or equipment blocking, this SwayPro™ model will work for you.

Use a tongue scale to determine your tongue weight after your trailer is fully loaded.

Stop Sway Before It Starts

Trunnions on each side of the Swaypro™ hitch head employ a caster effect, working with spring bars, to constantly push inward, keeping the trailer in line.


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