MoonShade Magnet Anchor Kit

Magnet Anchors

Temporary heavy-duty magnets hold to steel surfaces like the tops of most vehicles (includes 2).

Super-strong neodymium magnets provide a solid anchor point to any ferrous metal surface, which make them useful in situations where the body of a vehicle is too contoured or uneven for suction cups to adhere properly. They can be left in place on most vehicle roofs, as long as they’re placed near seams or other reinforced areas of the vehicle body.

Not for use in winds above 5mph.


Please be sure to understand the following before purchasing Magnet Anchors.


  • Use caution when applying to avoid injury.
  • Keep away from electronics, credit cards, and other sensitive devices.
  • Inspect Magnet Anchor scuff pad to avoid damaging the vehicle finish.
  • Magnet Anchors are a temporary anchor solution.


  • Place Magnet Anchors on roof of vehicle or other horizontal surface.
  • Position Magnet Anchors on or near seams and reinforced areas.
  • Use Magnet Anchors in calm conditions only (winds less than 5mph).
  • Unmount MoonShade from vehicle anchors in high winds, gusty conditions, and heavy precipitation.
  • Use included guylines and stakes EVERY time MoonShade is set up.
  • Use caution in wet conditions as this may increase the risk of Magnet Anchors slipping unexpectedly.
  • Place Magnet Anchors on vertical surfaces.
  • Leave MoonShade unattended while mounted to vehicle.

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